Pupil Blog - Science

Endangered Animals by Charlotte

This week in science we researched endangered animals. 

An endangered animal is:

  • a species that is threatened with extinction;
  • a species with a small habitat;
  • a species that has a small population.

Me and my partner, Maddy, looked at Bengal…

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Pupil Blog - Maths

Pupil blog by Kara and Millie P

Take a closer look at our photos in our photo gallery!

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Pupil Blog - Arthur Christmas

Pupil blog by Ruby and Kaitlyn

This week in English we have been looking at the film Arthur Christmas to get us in the Christmas mood. We are looking at the little girl called Gwen and how she didn’t get her present, a pink twinkle bike. We are helping Gwen by writing a formal letter of…

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Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week

Pupil Blog by Leighton and Charlotte

This week is anti-bullying week, although we don’t have bullying at our school it is still very important to learn about, because of how mean and un-kind it can be by making people’s lives sad. We first had an assembly about…

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Pupil Blog

Pupil blog by Freya and Alexa

This week so far…

In English

We have been continuing our work on the book ‘Friend or Foe’ and have been looking at writing a descriptive setting about when David entered the train station during World War 2. Here are some examples of our writing.


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The Blitz

Pupil blog by Evie and Tilly

This week in History we were learning about the Blitz and the need for Anderson shelters. 

During World War 2, it was important everyone in Britain played their part to help win the war - this was called the war effort. This…

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Building Bridges

Bridge building challenge

Written by Maddie and Millie

In our Design and Technology lesson, we were challenged to work collaboratively to design and construct a bridge structure made out of the materials we had all brought into school. These included: cardboard, string, plastic bottles, pipe…

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Pupil Blog - English

Pupil blog by Emily and Maddy

Friend or Foe

In English, we have been learning about a book called friend or foe. It is about a little boy called David who had to leave his home during World War II. He had to leave his family and travel to the countryside with all the other children because…

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The first week back in Class 4

The first week back in Class 4

Written by Anna, Holly and Rubie

This first week in Class 4 has been quite challenging but really fun! In English we have started reading an exciting novel called 'Skyhawk'. Mrs Warner always stops reading on a cliffhanger so we are eager to know what will…

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Pupil Blog - Science

Pupil Blog by Chloe and Madeleine

States of Matter

This week we have started our new science topic which is ‘states of matter.’ These are solids, liquids and gases.

First of all, we sorted pictures of different objects and materials into groups and decided which of these states they…

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Transition into Year 5

Transition day by Millie B and Liberty

Today, the year 4’s went into Class 4 for our transition day. We were mostly excited to be in our new class with Mrs Warner and join up with the current year 5’s again.

First of all, we drew self-portraits of ourselves, then Mr May kindly cut out the…

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Transition into Year 4

Transition day by Evie D and Emily

Today was transition day and we welcomed the current year 2s into our class to visit for the morning. First, we all made a circle and played a get to know you game where we all took it in turns to say what our favourite thing was, but we had to remember what…

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