Pupil Blog by Chloe and Madeleine

States of Matter

This week we have started our new science topic which is ‘states of matter.’ These are solids, liquids and gases.

First of all, we sorted pictures of different objects and materials into groups and decided which of these states they were.

Next, we looked at the properties of each state of matter. Here are the particle properties of each state of matter.


Does not have a shape and it spreads out to fill a space.


It can be cut, squashed or torn and without a force, keeps its shape.


Takes the shape of what it is in and it can be poured.

We then split up into groups and we demonstrated the particle arrangement of each state of matter.


particles are spread out and can move wherever they want.


Are all bunched together and they can’t move.


They are slightly spread out and they can move but follow each other.

It was a fun and interesting lesson.

Our thoughts:

Chloe: “I enjoyed sorting out and deciding which pictures of objects belonged to which state.”

Madeleine: “My favourite part was drawing examples of different states of matter.”


Take a closer look at our photos in our photo gallery!