Welcome to Class 4


Welcome to Class 4 where you will find a mixed Year 5 and Year 6 cohort. This year we have a class of 30 pupils - 14 in Year 6 and 16 in Year 5.

The teacher of Class 4 is Mrs Warner. Mrs O'Neill, who is also a qualified teacher, works with Class 4 all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Monday and Friday mornings! We also have Mrs Darley in our teaching team who is a teaching assistant.

Each day begins with a 'Thinking Activity' which aims to warm up our brains and spend time doing some high-quality thinking! We often look at the 'Thinkers Keys' or use 'De'Bono's thinking hats' to complete these activities and share our thoughts and completed work in an often 'animated' discussion.

Our day then begins with a whole school Collective Worship where we focus on a different Christian Value theme each half term. We celebrate individual achievements in our Collective Worship on a Friday where children can share achievements from out of school, be awarded certificates for gaining a milestone number of house points and also be awarded class star awards.

In Class 4, we set into two teaching groups for our mathematics lesson. The Year 6 group is led by Mrs Warner and the Year 5 group is led by Mrs O'Neill with Mrs Darley supporting. This enables us to teach to particular ability levels and also support children with their 'mastery of learning'. 

English lessons mainly focus on novels or non-fiction books where children have the opportunity to read, analyse and complete drama activities around a variety of these and then independently write their very own versions. Children continue to develop skills in self-editing, checking spellings, punctuation, vocabulary etc.. working hard to produce the best writing they possibly can.

GAPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling) continues to be a real focus in Class 4 and with the curriculum comes higher expectations for children to be able to spell correctly, use and identify some complex punctuation and also recognise classes of words and how these are used in grammar. Class 4 also continue to work on their Cursive handwriting script and are enjoying further developing the letter formations and the different joins. Many children have also reported positive comments about how much their handwriting has improved (teachers too!)

Homework is given on a Wednesday and is due back on a Monday and we are always thrilled with the quality pieces produced. Castleford Tigers deliver our PE sessions and for Class 4 this is each Friday afternoon.

If you wish to know more about Class 4, take a look at our Gallery page where you can see what we have been doing or don't hesitate to chat with the class teachers!

Our weekly timetable:


  • Monday  - Homework deadline
  • Monday  - Spelling books (for the spelling test and to write down new spellings)
  • Wednesday - Homework is given out  
  • Thursday - Library
  • Friday - PE   
  • Daily - Remember your reading book and water bottles

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling List



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