Welcome to Class 3


Our class is made up of 28 enthusiastic, creative and considerate Year 3 and 4 pupils, our teacher Miss Brown. Throughout the week, other adults who work in our class are; Mrs Shaw, Mrs O'Neill, Mrs Teale, Mr Thomas and Michaela. In Class 3, we respect each other and are proud of each other’s achievements. We work together to create a welcome and warm class atmosphere, where every class member feels valued and loved.  We hope you enjoy looking at our class page, photo gallery, videos, links and blog posts!


Things to remember:

Monday: P.E. kit
Monday: Homework due
Monday: Spelling test
Thursday: Library (time to swap school library book)
Friday: Celebration assembly 
Daily: Please remember your clearly named water bottle, reading book and reading record

Our weekly timetable:

Autumn 1



In maths, we will be focusing on number & place value and addition & subtraction.


Year 3:

-  Tens and ones using addition; Represent numbers to 1,000; Number lines to 1,000; Find 100, 10 or 1 more or less than a given number; Compare numbers and objects to 1,000; Count in 50s

-  Adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers, with exchanging and crossing 100; Spotting patterns, Estimate answers to calculations; Check answers.


Year 4:

- Represent numbers to 10,000; Round to the nearest 10; Round to the nearest 100; 1,000s, 100s, 10s and 1s; Partitioning; Number lines to 10,000; More or less; comparing numbers.

-  Adding and subtracting 4 digit numbers, with more than one exchange; Efficient subtraction, estimating answers; Checking strategies.


How you can help: Ensure your child completes their Timestables Rockstars homework weekly. Identify maths in everyday life, encourage children to answer questions on the maths around them. Discuss time with children i.e We are having dinner in 30 minutes, what time will that be? Give children an opportunity to handle money (I know this is limited now but it’s important). Could you set your own ‘shop’ for children to buy their own lunch ingredients, can they work out how much it would cost?




For the next few weeks, we will be basing our learning on the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit. During this unit, the children will have the opportunity to listen to the Escape from Pompeii a number of times. Children will engage with the text through extensive discussion and drama in order to increase their familiarity with the story and they will have the opportunity to articulate ideas about the text using an increasingly varied vocabulary. Grammar will also be a key focus throughout our English lessons. The children will then explore different types of poetry.


How you can help: Ensure your child reads for 20 minutes per night. Practise writing for different purposes, could they write the weekly shopping list, their own party invitations, ingredients for cooking, book reviews etc. Help your child learn their weekly spellings, don’t forget to go previous week’s spellings too. Please use the reading record book provided to record your child’s reading; we really value your comments and feedback!




Our topic this half term is ‘Animal Classification’. We will be basing our work on Desert Life. Throughout this topic, we will learn about what a desert habitat is like, learnt to group animals in different ways, use classification keys and know how animals adapt to survive in the wild!




Our topic is ‘Invaders and Settlers: The Romans’. The children will find out why and how the Romans successfully invaded Britain. We will learn about who has un Britain when the Romans invaded and learn about their way of life!


Other learning


In Class 3, we will also have weekly Spanish, PSHE, R.E, Music, SPAG (Spellings, punctuation and Grammar), Guided Reading and Handwriting lessons.

Homework and Spellings

Key documents to help at home

Maths Prompt Sheets

Keywords are the most frequently used words in written English.  Learning just 100 keywords on sight allows a child to read 50% of virtually any text.  Keyword recognition together with a good knowledge of basic phonics is essential for your child's reading to really take off. Please help by practising these words with your child.  Thank you.

Year 3 - Key Word List

Year 4 - Key Word List

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling List


As well as following the given tasks, children are encouraged to read regularly at home and practise their times tables and spellings as often as possible. Please use the web links below to play online games which will reinforce and develop knowledge and understanding.


Web Links

Below are web links to some great sites. These will help reinforce and enhance the learning taking place in our classroom this year.




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