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29 June 2021

Welcome to our Minibeast Hotel

Class One & Two have come together to build our very own Minibeast Hotels. We split up into small groups and gathered materials such as leaves, grass, twigs, moss, and woodchips to create a safe home for our Minibeast to move into. These hotels will be placed around our school playground...

26 June 2021


2Animate Class 3 have been working very hard, learning how to use 2Animate on Purple Mash to create different animations. Click here to view our creations!!    

23 June 2021

Pollinating Flowers

Pollinating Flowers This week in science we have been learning about how flowers are pollinated and their reproductive parts. The reproductive parts include; Stamen - produces the pollen Stigma - is sticky so it makes the pollen stick to the plant from a bee, it then sends it to the ov...

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