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4 December 2019

Super Science

Reversible/Irreversible changes and Soda Bread!   Class 4 have been at it again. As scientists, we have been investigating what happens to objects when they are heated. We looked at the following objects and described what would happen to each if it was heated and cooled, and whether o...

28 November 2019

Irreversible Changes and Chemical Reactions

Irreversible Changes and Chemical Reactions Today we were investigating some irreversible changes by mixing different materials together. We created different mixtures and observed what happened as a chemical reaction took place and a new product was made. We mixed together: vinegar and bic...

26 November 2019

Outstanding homework

Outstanding homework   Members of Class 4 have been busy completing their optional homework tasks this half term and they are too good not to share! Take a look at some of these amazing creations! I certainly wouldn't like to be at the receiving end of any of these punishments! ...

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