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20 January 2020

Class 2 - Animal Topic

Designing and Making a Safari Today we designed our own animal safari park as part of our animal topic. We started by designing it on paper and then built it using various different resources, including wooden blocks, lego, stickle bricks and cardboard. We thought hard about how to make our sa...

15 January 2020

Brilliant Butter

Brilliant Butter   There was much excitement in Class 4 this afternoon as we finally got to taste our school-made butter! After investing our time in 'churning' and ' refrigerating' our very own butter the time for taste had arrived! Take a look at the facial express...

13 January 2020

Class 2 - Art

Lion Artwork Today we looked at various different books by Eric Carle. We looked at the way that he creates different animal collages. We focused on the book ‘1, 2, 3, Zoo’ and looked at the lion collage. We then created our own lion collages inspired by Eric Carle’s lion. ...

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