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7 January 2021


Commas in a list We are learning how to use commas in a list.  We watched a very exciting video on golden eagles. Thought by the ancient Greeks and Romans to be messengers of the gods, golden eagles are large, powerful and majestic birds of prey. They are formidable hunters. They are a...

6 January 2021


Islam Today, we learnt about Islam. Islam is a very important World Religious as 1.6 billion people around the world follow this religion. We learnt about what Muslims believe and the origin story behind Islam. 

6 January 2021

Explanation Texts

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly This term, Class 3 are looking at explanation texts. Today, we began looking at the key features. If you haven't completed this lesson yet, click here to complete it.  Explanation texts include: Title Introduction Technical vocabulary Pictu...

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