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10 September 2020


Invaders and Settlers Today, we started our new History topic; Invaders and Settlers; The Romans.  We began by thinking about why people may move house, town, city or even to a new country. We discovered that people move to new places for lots of different reasons and have been doing s...

15 July 2020

Class 1 & 2 - English

Next Year Today we have been thinking about the next school year. We are really excited to start our new classes and year groups in September. We wrote about our hopes and dreams for the next school year. Here are some of our ideas that we wrote down:   “I want to learn to s...

13 July 2020

Class 1 & 2 - Science

Science Experiment Today we did a science experiment relating to our topic “The Seaside”.   First, we put a fresh egg into a jug of water and we watched as the egg sank to the bottom of the jug.   Next, we added four tablespoons of salt to the water and discu...

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