The curriculum refers to the wide range of learning opportunities provided by our school. This includes our timetabled lessons, out of school activities and attitudes, moral values and styles of behaviour promoted and supported by the school.

Our Curriculum Vision

At Aberford C of E Primary School, we are determined to create an inclusive culture of learning where all children are challenged in their thinking, to achieve to the best of their abilities and strive to become lifelong learners. We empower our children to overcome barriers to learning and to develop resilience to help them succeed in the wider world throughout their lives. We respect each other and are proud of each other's achievements, striving to promote a love and thirst for learning and a determination to embrace new challenges.  We are creative and enthusiastic in all our teaching and learning and work together in a safe and happy environment, enabling all of our children to become responsible citizens who can make valuable contributions locally, globally and to contribute to our world's sustainable future. 

At Aberford, we teach a broad and balanced curriculum, one which delivers the statutory National Curriculum but also provides for the needs and interests of all our children. Our curriculum builds upon the knowledge, understanding and skills of all children, whatever their starting points, as they progress through each Key Stage.

When planning our curriculum, we have considered the needs of our pupils and families and we want learning to be meaningful and memorable, ensuring our pupils are prepared for the next steps in their learning journey. The curriculum is underpinned by the school’s Christian Values and these are promoted through all areas of the curriculum, including daily Collective Worships. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and their understanding of the core values of our society are woven through the curriculum.

We firmly believe that our approach will create well rounded, lifelong learners who are prepared for the challenges and adventures as they embark on their next chapter. Our curriculum ensures learning is effective, exciting and relevant to the needs of our children.

At Aberford C of E Primary School, we firmly believe that we are all on a learning journey together and as such, we continually reflect on the impact of our teaching. If we need to adapt our teaching, we do so readily because ensuring our pupils are successful, challenged and happy learners are at the heart of all we do. Ultimately, we endeavour to support our pupils to be caring, capable and confident individuals in an ever-changing world.

The National Curriculum

The Structure of the National Curriculum

  • Every maintained school is obliged to provide a basic curriculum comprising Religious Education and for pupils of compulsory school age, the National Curriculum. 
  • In addition to Religious Education (5% of our teaching time) your child will study the following subjects:
    • Core subjects - English, Maths and Science.
    • Foundation subjects - Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music, PE, RE, Foreign Language, SRE

The School Curriculum

Learning is meaningful, fun and inspiring. Whenever possible, this includes exciting visits to places of interest or visitors into school.

  • The curriculum is broad but with a high priority on English, Maths, Computing and Science.
  • We have a combination of cross-curricular and subject teaching to suit individual age groups.
  • The curriculum is taught through a mixture of teaching styles and methods to suit children’s individual learning styles.
  • Activity-based learning and problem solving is integrated into the curriculum.
  • Children experience ‘personalised learning’ so that individual needs and interests are met.



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