The first week back in Class 4

Written by Anna, Holly and Rubie

This first week in Class 4 has been quite challenging but really fun! In English we have started reading an exciting novel called 'Skyhawk'. Mrs Warner always stops reading on a cliffhanger so we are eager to know what will happen in the next chapter! In Maths we have been revising place value and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000, which at some points we found quite difficult but we persevered until we understood it! On Thursday we had our first visit to the library to choose an exciting book to read. We also had our first Junior Jam session and P.E. where we enjoyed doing some gymnastics!

Written by Jessica and Evie

This week in our new class we have learnt about making shadows from turning lights off and shining a light source onto an opaque object. Did you know that a shadow can only be created when there is a light source? Opaque objects create a shadow as light can not pass through these but the light still spreads around the object. We have planned to carry out an investigation to find out whether the closer the light source is to the object, the bigger the shadow becomes. We also learnt about transparent and translucent materials. It has been a fun start to Class 4.