Welcome to our Minibeast Hotel

Class One & Two have come together to build our very own Minibeast Hotels. We split up into small groups and gathered materials such as leaves, grass, twigs, moss, and woodchips to create a safe home for our Minibeast to move into. These hotels will be placed around our school playground and field…

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Class 3 have been working very hard, learning how to use 2Animate on Purple Mash to create different animations.

Click here to view our creations!!



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Pollinating Flowers

Pollinating Flowers

This week in science we have been learning about how flowers are pollinated and their reproductive parts. The reproductive parts include;

  • Stamen - produces the pollen
  • Stigma - is sticky so it makes the pollen stick to the plant from a bee, it then sends it to the…
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The Wonderful World of Minibeasts

Class One is very excited as our caterpillar eggs have arrived. We used our writing "VIPERS" to predict what would happen to the eggs, and we thought that the eggs would hatch into caterpillars. Class One also looked at the lifecycle of a butterfly and learned about all the different stages.  

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Church Visit

Aberford Church

On Wednesday Class 1 & Class 2 went to Church for Collective Worship. Father Phil talked to us about the history of Aberford Church and showed us around the building. We spotted the stain glass windows, the large piece of artwork showing Jesus on the cross, the font, the pews…

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Oliver's Vegetables

This week Class One have been reading the story 'Oliver's Vegetables' by the author Vivian French. We used our writing 'VIPERS' to predict what we think might happen in the story. We were surprised to receive a letter from Oliver to ask for our help to write a shopping list for all the vegetable…

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Online Safety

We were very lucky this week to have D:Side Dave visit us and talk to us about keeping ourselves safe online. We talked all about internet safety and what we can do to ensure that we protect ourselves. We now know not to give any personal information to anyone and to use a silly name instead of…

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Dragon Art

In class, 3 the children have been researching and painting dragon's eyes, exploring the use of colour and texture of the skin and if they can achieve this through using watercolours. The effects were amazing and we look forward to sharing their finished pieces of work next week.

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Plants and Growing 


In Science we have been learning about different flowers and plants. We spent this afternoon looking at and labelling different flowers and sorting them into 'wild' flowers and 'garden' flowers. 





After sorting the flowers, we went on a…

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Exploring 3-D shapes

This week we have been learning all about 3-D shapes. Class One explored 3-D shapes that we could find around the home and classroom and we talked about which shapes we knew whilst building some magnificent model rockets and houses. We could talk about the 3-D shapes cone, cylinder, cube, cuboid…

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Forces in action

This week in science, we have been looking at different forces in action. We have learnt about;

  • pushing
  • pulling
  • gravity
  • friction
  • upthrust
  • air resistance

Which car will need the greatest force (push/pull) to move?

Why do you think that?

In groups,…

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Day of the Dead - Design Technology

Day of the Dead

Class 4 have begun their summer design technology project designing a mask to celebrate the Mexican festival 'Day of the Dead'. In the towns and cities in Mexico people dress and parade in bright, colourful costumes and make up, making offerings to lost loved ones. Day of the…

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