Week 2

Well, we are at the end of week two and myself and Mrs O’Neill continue to be amazed by the children and their attitudes. They have all been an absolute pleasure to have in class.

This week we come to an end of our topic on Growth and we have been overwhelmed by the many donations that we have…

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Class 2 - Maths

Missing numbers

In Maths we have been looking at missing numbers. We found the missing numbers in some different number sequences and then made up our own missing number sequences for the rest of the class to solve.

Can you solve some of our missing number problems?

Maybe you could…

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Class 1 & 2 - English

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

In English today, we have been writing letters to the naughty seagulls in the story of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. The seagulls are called Tom, Bert and Fred and they keep stealing Mr Grinlings lunch. They are very cheeky seagulls! So, we decided to write them a…

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KS2 - English - Lesson 3


Today, we planned and wrote the concluding chapter of our recount. We aimed to use specific language and structural choices to change the pace and mood of the piece of writing. 

Making their escape

  • How do you plan on your character making their escape?
  • Will your character's…
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Class 1 & 2 - Topic


Today we have been learning all about seashells. We have learnt that they are hard, protective layers created by animals that live in the sea. Shells are part of some sea creature’s bodies and they are found on beaches and in the sea.

We looked at lots of different shells and…

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This afternoon, Year 6 created some beautiful Titanic art. We used watercolours and card to create an iconic silhouette of the Titanic sailing under the moon. Can you create a piece of Titanic art at home? We'd love to see them, so please do send us a picture! 

It is wonderful to see…

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Class 1 & 2

Grace Darling

This week we have been learning all about Grace Darling. She lived on the Farne Islands and her father was a lighthouse keeper. One stormy night, she helped to rescue 9 people from a shipwrecked boat. We used books, powerpoints, pictures and a BBC Bitesize video to help us to find…

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Class 2 - Maths


Class 2

In maths this week we have been making different numbers to 100 and following the White Rose daily maths lessons.

We have been using and drawing ‘tens and ones’ to help us to partition numbers. For example:




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Little Inventors

Draw or make something for lonely people

What ideas can you come up with for somebody who is lonely? 

This morning, we put our inventor hats on again to come up with some exciting and thoughtful ideas. 

We had;

  • a holographic t-shirt 
  • a baking delivery company
  • regular phone…
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KS2 History - Lesson 4

How do we know what happened to the Titanic?

This afternoon, we identified different types of historical sources and determined their reliability. We brainstormed some different sources of information that may tell us what happened to the Titanic. These are some we came up…

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End of week 1

Our First Week

Wow! What an amazing first week back we have had. The children in our 'bubble' have been fabulous and have continued to keep us entertained and smiling all week.

This week we started a topic on Growth. In English this week we have been learning and looking at Cloud Forests.…

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World Environment Day


Today is World Environment Day and the theme for 2020 is 'Biodiversity'.

Biodiversity is the measure of the variety of life on Earth. Places with high levels of biodiversity have a balance of a wide variation of different species of living things. The Amazon rainforest in South…

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