Class 4 Gymnastics

We had our first gymnastics lesson in P.E. last Friday and were challenged to show off our skills on a gymnastic course. We had fun whilst learning some new techniques. Take a look at the slightly blurred action shots!

Take a closer look at our photos in our 

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Road Safety Training

Road Safety Training


Class 2 spent part of this morning with the Leeds Schools Road Safety Team, learning how to cross the road safely with an adult. 






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Dino's Diary

Meet Dino


Lovely to meet you, my name is Dino! Most Dinosaurs are scaly and tough, but I'm the softest stegosaurus you've ever snuggled. I like to stomp around so my squishy spines wobble and I love practising my scary ROAAR!! I have a weekend diary and I go home with someone from…

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Roman Roads

This afternoon in History, we looked at why the Romans built new roads in Britain and created a model to show the cross-section of a Roman road.

Before the Romans arrived, Britain had no proper roads. The Celts rode horses, walked and traveled in carts pulled by oxen along paths…

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Problem Solving

Problem Solving with Class 1


On Friday afternoon we joined Class 1 for part of the afternoon to work on some creative problem-solving challenges. We worked fabulously as a team and created some wonderful structures, even if we did get a little wet!

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Class 3's Big Book

The Big Book of Questions

Class 3 have loved their new 'Big Book'! Since coming back to school, the children of Class 3 have been writing down thought-provoking questions and posting them in the book. As a class, we have explored the questions and tried our best to answer them. We have used our…

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Junior Jam

Garage Band

Class 2 spent their first Junior Jam lesson listening to different styles of music on the Garage Band app, in preparation for starting their own music compositions next week.  

Take a closer look at our photos in our photo gallery!

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Exploring the outside space

Class One really enjoyed exploring our outside field area today. The sun was shining and we all had smiles on our faces.

We were travelling with confidence and skill on the balancing and climbing equipment; throwing and kicking the ball and negotiating space successfully playing tig.


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Homework Heroes - Autumn 1 - Week 1

Homework Hero


This week, Class 4 were challenged with selecting at least one task out of a possible four, relating to World War 1. We really did get a wealth of learning which was very impressive. 

Take a look at just a selection of the completed work.

This week, we have chosen…

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Scooting Safety

Scooting Safety


Class 4 had great fun yesterday whilst learning some crucial safety messages during our 'Scooter awareness' session. All children listened intently and scooted safely as Year 5 and Year 6 were led out on to the streets of Aberford to learn how to use scooters safely on the…

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Animal Classification


  • are warm-blooded
  • have lungs and need air to breathe
  • have ears that stick out
  • mothers nurse their young with milk
  • give birth to live young
  • have fur or hair


  • have ear holes instead of ears
  • have feathers and wings
  • have webbed…
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Class 2 Art

Taking a Pencil for a Walk


Year 1 had a fantastic art lesson with Mrs Shaw today. They started learning about primary colours by taking a pencil for a walk around their piece of paper. Then colouring the shapes they made using only primary colours. 




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