Planting Seeds


In Science we are learning about what seeds need to grow into healthy plants. Last week we planted some Marigold seeds. We wanted to carry out a fair test so we planted the seeds in the same pots, amount of soil and used the same amount of water. We put some seeds on the…

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Science - Plants


This afternoon Class 3 have been identifying and describing different parts of flowering plants, including the roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers. The children took their time, carefully drawing the plants, then labelled and annotated their drawings from their close…

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Easter Cards

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Science - Sunflowers

Plants - Roots and Shoots!

This afternoon, we set up an investigation to find out how important the requirements for plant life are. We are going to see if our sunflowers can grow healthy without each requirement. They are:

  • water
  • sunlight
  • soil
  • air
  • warmth
  • space


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Elephant Art

Elephant Art Work

Linking to our English book 'The Firework Maker's Daughter,' in Art we produced some amazing elephant watercolour art. We are very proud of our wonderful work! 

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World Book Day!

World Book Day!

This Thursday marked World Book Day and Class 3, alongside the rest of Aberford Primary School, came to school dressed as their favourite book characters.

Reading is one of the main areas of focus for our learning in Class 3, with the children taking home reading books on a…

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What makes ice melt the quickest?

Class One wanted to conduct an experiment on ice. We decided to find out the answer to the question, what makes ice melt the quickest? We came up with our own ideas of what we could use in the experiment and settled on: salt, heat and water (with one block of ice as a control where we did nothing…

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Mehndi Patterns

Class 2 have been learning about Ramadan. We looked at the celebration called 'Eid ul Fitr' which marks the end of the month of Ramadan.

We enjoyed designing our own Mehndi patterns.


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Christmas Counts

Class 2 Nativity - Christmas Counts


Well, what can I say?   

Proud teacher moment!

I am so proud of each and every person in Class 2, they have all worked extremely hard preparing for our class nativity. Everyone put in 100%, they acted like professionals, danced like stars and sang…

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D-Side Dave


Yesterday we had a visit from Dave who talked to us about healthy bodies and how our body works. 


We learnt about all the major organs inside our body and Kayla wore a special suit to show where our organs fit within our body. 

Herbie and George D had to walk…

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Inspired by our enjoyment of the fireworks on Bonfire Night, Class One have explored the Hindu 'Festival of Light ' Diwali. Diwali is celebrated with lots of fireworks!

We have been learning about how Hindus prepare their houses for the festival and how they celebrate with their families. Some…

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Homework Heroes - Autumn 2 - Week 2

Homework Heroes - Autumn 2 - Week 2


As an optional homework task this week, Class 4 were challenged to create their very own unique Poppy. Four children were extremely creative in this task and have produced some truly beautiful pieces to represent hope and remembrance. These are currently…

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