The Big Book of Questions

Class 3 have loved their new 'Big Book'! Since coming back to school, the children of Class 3 have been writing down thought-provoking questions and posting them in the book. As a class, we have explored the questions and tried our best to answer them. We have used our knowledge, books and the internet to help us .. however, some questions have been a matter of opinion so we have enjoyed discussing the different possible answers. 

Here is a selection of our questions so far;

  • Why is the Earth round?
  • Why do we get goosebumps?
  • How old is the Queen?
  • Why do dogs have black noses?
  • Why do you have to grow up?
  • Who made God?
  • How is glass made?
  • Why do people die?
  • Did dinosaurs really exist?
  • What are numbers?