Pupil blog by Emily and Maddy

Friend or Foe

In English, we have been learning about a book called friend or foe. It is about a little boy called David who had to leave his home during World War II. He had to leave his family and travel to the countryside with all the other children because it was safer.

Here are our diary entries from David after he left his home, take a listen…

Maddy - 

Emily - 

These are our storyboards of the story so far...


We are also learning about World War II in History and how the war started, it was when Hitler tried to take over the world starting with Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Britain didn't agree so declared war!

Our thoughts

Emily: “ I am excited to find out what will happen to David in the story.”

Maddy: “ I am excited about what will happen at the end, will he survive? Or will he be gone?”