Transition day by Evie D and Emily

Today was transition day and we welcomed the current year 2s into our class to visit for the morning. First, we all made a circle and played a get to know you game where we all took it in turns to say what our favourite thing was, but we had to remember what everyone else’s was too and had to say each one before our own.

Next, we played a game where we had to hold hands in a circle, pass a hoop to each other and step through it without letting go of each other's hands. After that, we played ‘class bingo’, for this game we had a list of statements and had to find a person in the class who matched the statement.

After break time we drew a self-portrait and coloured them in for our new coat pegs for September. We had a lovely morning with the year 2’s in our class and can’t wait for them to join us in September.