Anti-Bullying Week

Pupil Blog by Leighton and Charlotte

This week is anti-bullying week, although we don’t have bullying at our school it is still very important to learn about, because of how mean and un-kind it can be by making people’s lives sad. We first had an assembly about anti-bullying which was all about how people can bully and how it makes people feel, this assembly made us feel scared of how bad bullying can be but also caring to help those people who may be affected.


In class, we made odd socks to link to the slogan “all different, all equal” we designed different socks to show that although they were different they’re still socks which should be celebrated. Luckily these ones weren’t stinky! After we designed our socks we made anti-bullying posters to let people know about bullying and how to stop it.


We, at Aberford school, all think that all types bullying is rubbish and disgusting, as it hurts people who we may care about like our friends and families which isn’t what we want.   


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