Bridge building challenge

Written by Maddie and Millie

In our Design and Technology lesson, we were challenged to work collaboratively to design and construct a bridge structure made out of the materials we had all brought into school. These included: cardboard, string, plastic bottles, pipe cleaners, straws etc..

We worked together to compile a presentation which included our design ideas and our choices of material for our 'big build' and then presented this to the rest of the class. Some groups chose to present this as a powerpoint presentation and some groups showed detailed sketches.

Next, we were given time to construct our bridges following our designs which was really fun but quite tricky working as a team. Every bridge needed to hold at least 5 toy cars and the cars needed to be able to pass each other freely. We were also judged on the look of our finished bridge. Everyone really enjoyed this challenge and each group was successful in their build!