Pupil blog by Freya and Alexa

This week so far…

In English

We have been continuing our work on the book ‘Friend or Foe’ and have been looking at writing a descriptive setting about when David entered the train station during World War 2. Here are some examples of our writing.

Freya: “I can hear the rusty, old trains wheels scraping across the tracks.”

Alexa: “a cold, wet tear rolled down my rosy, red cheek and fell to the floor like a dead leaf.”

In Maths

We have been solving two-digit addition and subtraction problems using place value and trying to find how many ways we can different numbers to find the same answer.

In P.E.

We have been doing gymnastics, including cartwheels, handstands, forward rolls and jumping over the apparatus.


We have been we have been learning where to use conjunctions, how to use comma’s correctly and why they are so important in sentences.

We have had lots of fun making our Christmas cards this week!

Our favourite parts

Freya: “My favourite thing this week was making our Christmas cards and doing GAPS.”

Alexa: “Kids club and GAPS have been good this week.”