Dunkirk - The little ships

In History this week, we have been learning about the fascinating story of Dunkirk.

In May 1940, many countries in Europe were at war with Nazi Germany. Half a million British and French soldiers were trapped on three sides in northern France by German troops and tanks. The only escape for the Allied army was the sea. An incredible armada of over 800 craft, including Royal Navy ships and a flotilla of small river and coastal boats, thereafter known as "the little ships", was assembled on the south-eastern coast of England. They sailed across the English Channel to Dunkirk in France to rescue the beseiged troops. The wide Dunkirk beach was covered with men who were hungry and thirsty, with horses running loose from their French riders, with dozens of barking dogs, with trucks and equipment - the disarray of an army on the run. Amazingly, 338, 228 men were saved by "the little ships."

This afternoon, we worked as a team to recreate the scene using lego and craft materials. 

Welcoming home the heroes!

Food was being rationed in June 1940, when the Dunkirk heroes returned home. However, people saved up their rationed and celebrated the soldiers returned by baking. This afternoon we followed a couple of the wartime recipes and made shortbread and rock buns!