Homework Hero

Homework Hero - Week 3

We've had yet another fantastic week for homework in Class 3. Three people who stood out in particular; Millie B, Harry and Emily - well done!!

Millie B

has been very creative this week! Millie's art attack homework was inspired by her visit to the coast, where she…

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Pupil Blog

Pupil blog by George, Kian, Freya, Summer and Luca


This week in RE we have looked at ‘The Monkey King’ story. ‘The story was about the religion Buddhism’ said Keean. ‘It was about sacrifice. I found it really interesting,’ said George.


In Maths this week, we have been…

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Leo's Diary

Leo's weekend with Oliver!

Wow, the boys have certainly been busy this weekend! Leo was lucky enough to go and see Oliver in his climbing competition in Edinburgh! We are all very proud in Class 3 as Oliver came first! Take a look at the video below! 

"This weekend, I went home with Oliver…

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We love to read!

Here in Class 3, we love to read books. Whether they be fact books, adventure story books or even comics! We enoy sharing books and reading together with our class mates! Today, we took advantage of the lovely weather and took time to read outside this afternoon. 

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Music in Class 4

Music Fun - written by Ted.

In Music this week we were very excited to play musical instruments which were made from plastic tubes - 'Boom Whackers'!

We were taught how to play these instruments correctly and how to maintain a steady beat.

Playing them was quite simple as we carefully…

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Art and Design

Roman Shields!

In Art this afternoon, we have been painting the inside of our shields! They're coming along very nicely, we're excited to decorate the front next week!

Take a closer look at our photos in our photo gallery!

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Homework Heroes - Summer 1 - Week 3

Homework Hero


This week,Year 5 pupils have handed in some amazing homework. They have shown off their maths skills with a challenging Magic Square activity where they were required to insert values to ensure each row, column and diagonal all added up to the same value.

Do you think you…

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Homework Hero

Homework Hero - Week 2

This week the standard of homework in Class 3 has being amazing again! The children have created more Roman shields, found interesting facts, wrote beautiful poetry and much more...


has once again completed two fantastic pieces of homework. Firstly, she went…

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What parts of a plant do we eat?

Well, that completely depends of what type of plant it is. Today Class 3 have been classifying plants, according to which part is eaten. There are 6 categories:

  • Stem and shoots
  • Leaves
  • Roots
  • Flowers
  • Fruits
  • Nuts and seeds

We then had great…

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Roman roads

This week in History, we looked at why the Romans built new roads in Britain and created a model to show the cross section of a Roman road.

Before the Romans arrived, Britain had no proper roads. The Celts rode horses, walked and travelled in carts pulled by oxen along paths and…

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Leo's Diary

Leo's weekend with Evie H

This weekend Leo spent the weekend with Evie H, and was treated to his first ever haircut! Doesn't he look smart now? Leo was then treated to a cup of tea and cake! I'm glad you had a fantastic weekend together!

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Pupil Blog

Weekly blog by Maddy, Ava, Jack and Kaitlyn


We really enjoyed P.E. this week, we played 'Tig ball'. Jack thought it was 'Great! You had to tig people with a ball. I got 7 people out'. We also played dodgeball 'I was on the losing team,' said Maddy 'But it was still fun!'


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