Homework Heroes - Spring 2 - Week 1

Homework Heroes - Spring 2 - Week 1


Over the February half term holidays, Class 4 were challenged with an Art task. They were required to produce an art sketch book which contained a range of eye catching landscapes in different environments. These varied from seascapes to deserts,…

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Junior Jam

Stop-motion animations! 

Class 3 had great fun this morning in Junior Jam, creating stop-motion animations. Stop-motion animations are animations that are captured one frame at a time, with physical objects that are moved between frames. When you play back the sequence of images rapidly, it…

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P.E. Dance

Class 4 'Dance off'

During this half term, Class 4 have been working incredibily hard during their P.E. sessions to perfect a whole class dance. This has involved lots of concentration, listening skills, hard work, dedication and team work.

What do you think of our moves?

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Valentine's Day

What a treat!

A HUGE thank-you to George who brought in some strawberry macaroons today. 

He had made them pink and added edible glitter as a special touch, just for Valentine's Day.

George was so kind and shared them with all of the staff and his class mates too.

They tasted…

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Pupil Blog

Weekly blog by Keean, Bailey, Summer, George, Luca, Freya and Jessica


This week in English we have been working on tongue twisters. Keean thought ‘they were really hard to say.’ Luca thought they were ‘good, but really hard.’ George said ‘it was hard and we sometimes got a little…

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In English this half term we have been studying Ancient Greek mythology. This week, we have been writing all out Hercules.

After Hercules killed his wife and children, he went to the oracle at Delphi. He prayed to the god Apollo for guidance. Hercules was told to serve the king of…

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Pupil Blog - Science

Weekly blog by Poppy and Tilly

This week we created magnetic games using the knowledge we have gained during science. In partners we each designed and made the games using paper, paper clips and magnets.

We created different types of games from fishing to cops chasing grannies using our…

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Bigger or smaller?

This week in Class 1 we have been doing some amazing maths work! We have been looking at size; ordering from smallest to biggest. We also went on a classroom hunt to find things 'bigger' or 'smaller' than a pen! 

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Class 4 creating animals to classify

Written by Evie and Maddie

In Science this week we have been looking at classifying our own made up species. We were challenged to base our imaginary animal on a normal animal with additional features. We created animals such as: dogs with rainbow spots,…

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Written by Scarlett and Danielle

This week we have been reading the book 'The Wolves in the Wall'. We read to the part where the family had to leave their house because the wolves, who were living in the walls, escaped into the rest of the house. We were then…

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As part of their weekly music sessions, Class 2 has accompanied their singing skills by learning to play a new instrument. During music today, Class 2 played the chime bars. They have played the chime bars in music before, so the session was a perfect opportunity for them to continue to develop…

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Magnetic Games!

On Tuesday afternoon Class 3 was a mess, and for a very good reason! The children were using their creativity and imagination to make wonderful magnetic games!

There were 3 different types of games the children made. 

1. Magnetic Fishing

To do this, they made a…

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