Marvellous Minibeasts!

This half term in Class 1 our topic is Marvellous Minibeasts.

We have transformed our classroom in to a "Minibeast explorer's" paradise, with lots of bugs in every area!

This week we are looking at our caterpillars, observing them closely to see if they are changing in to beautiful…

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Leo's Diary

Leo's weekend with Caden

Wow! It looks like Leo has had a fantatic, jam-packed weekend with Caden! Take a little look below at what the pair got up to ..

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Pupil Blog - Maths

Weekly blog by Liberty and Liam

Data and Graphs

In maths this week, we have been working on data handling. There are many ways to show data. We have drawn

  • bar charts
  • pie charts
  • line graphs
  • pictograms
  • time graphs

First we decided what data to collect Liberty asked the class…

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We've joined the Roman army!

Our shields are finished and we joined the army! On Thursday, Class 3 held their last marching practise before the half term. We have all thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Romans and loved making our shields. Once marching practice was over, we let Class 1 have…

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Pupil blog

Pupil blog by Lavaya, Violet, Lizzy and Renita.


This week we have been speaking about special people in PHSE. 'We talked about if we were hurt and who could help you,' said Violet. 'We thought of people like our friends, our family and teachers,' Violet added. 'A nurse could help you…

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Fashion Designers

Class 4 Fashion Designers!


This week, Class 4 were set the challenge of designing a costume for a character out of Aladdin (our end of year production!)

After lots of research, we gathered our ideas and created 'fashion boards' to display these, thinking about the type of character we…

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Clay Creations

Clay Creations


In Art this half term, we have produced many pieces of work around Ancient Egypt. We started off by learning about Hieroglyphics and painted these onto sand paper. This created a great effect. We then investigated typical art work of Pharoahs and drew our own portraits using…

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Class 4 Homework Heroes - Summer 1

Homework Heroes - Summer 1

This half term, I have been incredibily proud of the pieces of work produced for the homework tasks about Ancient Egypt. All of our Year 5 children have put a lot of effort into these and have completed some amazing creations! From wordsearches to quiz questions, from…

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Planting our sunflowers!

It was time! Our sunflowers were ready to be planted into the flower beds today, we watered the soil and propped them up with gardening canes. We hope they flourish in their now home! 

Take a closer look at our photos in our photo gallery!

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In our grammar lesson today we looked at prepositions. Prepositions are very important words - they link words together in a way that makes sense. Prepositions come before a noun (or pronoun) to explain its relationship to other words in the sentence; they tell us the position of a…

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Look at how big our sunflowers are now.. they're just about ready to be planted outside. 


At lunchtime, some volunteers helped to move some soil to get the flowers beds ready. We had to move and rake the soil, as well as removing all the weeds! Thank you for helping…

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Homework Hero

Homework Hero - Week 5

Our last set of homework this term did not disappoint, well done to everyone this term - you've produced some truly fantastic pieces! I am very proud! 

Evie H

created a wonderful large Art Attack on the pavement using chalks and pebbles, what a beautiful flower! She…

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