Leo's Diary

Leo's Weekend Diary - Jessica 

This weekend Leo went home with Jessica! It looks like they had a fabulous time together, shopping, dancing and visiting family members! Leo thoroughly enjoyed his weekend, thank you Jessica. 

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Teddy Bear tea party

Goodbye Party!

We had a lovely time this afternoon saying goodbye to Eliza with a Teddy Bear tea party!

The class had made their own biscuits (strawberry, chocolate and ginger flavour) and we shared them with our favourite teddy bear from home.

We also played a few favourite party games…

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Pupil Blog

Weekly blog by Ava, Kaitlyn, Seb and Maddy.


This week in RE we made Sukkahs. Sukkahs are tents that people used in Egypt to escape the Pharaoh. We had to be very creative. Maddy said 'we had to be very careful because it could fall to bits really easy.' Seb said 'mine kept on falling to…

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Pupil Blog - Science

Weekly blog by Bethany and Evie D

This week in science we started our new topic, keeping healthy. We were put into 6 groups of 4 and were given a client profile. Inside, was an information sheet about the client, their weekly food diary and also a list of questions the clients wanted us to…

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Geographical study of France

Today, we started our geographical study of France. We used atlases to find out which countries surround France. Using a map of Europe, we coloured coded the countries accordingly. We found out the countries that boarder France…

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Today in Class 2, we learnt about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. One of the three biblically-based pilgrimage holidays, Sukkot is an agricultural festival that originally was considered a thanksgiving for the fruit harvest.

As part of our learning, we built Sukkahs using art straws.…

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Textured Landscapes

We have had fun this afternoon, learning about textures and creating textured patterns. As a group, we were given step-by-step guidance to draw the basis of our landscape. Once completed, we were able to fill our landscapes with many different creative patterns. It took a…

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Firemen Visit

Fire Safety Visit in Class 4


This morning, Class 4 had a very important visitor with some very important messages. A Firefighter from Garforth fire station came to school with some key safety advice for us all.

During the 90 minute visit, pupils were taught about the Fire Triangle -…

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Leo's Diary

Leo's Weekend Diary - Millie L

Millie was fortunate enough to look after Leo for a whole week over half term, and it looks like they certainly had fun! Leo went on his first trip to Scarborough and also took a trip to York! Take a look below at their week together! Thank you for looking for him…

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Junior Jam

This week, Class 2’s computing class took place with Mr Harrison from Junior Jam. The class began to learn a new skill: stop motion animation.

Stop motion animation is animation that is captured one frame at time. The physical objects used in the animation are moved between the frames, meaning…

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In class this week we are looking a poem called 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. We have been working hard to learn the poem as well as creating sounds and actions. Have a look later in the week how we get on, as we plan to film it! 


The Sound Collector by Roger…

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Homework Heroes - Spring 2 - Week 1

Homework Heroes - Spring 2 - Week 1


Over the February half term holidays, Class 4 were challenged with an Art task. They were required to produce an art sketch book which contained a range of eye catching landscapes in different environments. These varied from seascapes to deserts,…

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