Written by Scarlett and Danielle

This week we have been reading the book 'The Wolves in the Wall'. We read to the part where the family had to leave their house because the wolves, who were living in the walls, escaped into the rest of the house. We were then…

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As part of their weekly music sessions, Class 2 has accompanied their singing skills by learning to play a new instrument. During music today, Class 2 played the chime bars. They have played the chime bars in music before, so the session was a perfect opportunity for them to continue to develop…

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Magnetic Games!

On Tuesday afternoon Class 3 was a mess, and for a very good reason! The children were using their creativity and imagination to make wonderful magnetic games!

There were 3 different types of games the children made. 

1. Magnetic Fishing

To do this, they made a…

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Homework Hero

Homework Heroes - Week 5 

It's our final week of this term, which means our final homework heroes of Spring 1! 

Our homework heroes are Oliver, Chloe S and Millie B - well done, you've all done a fabulous job this week!


put in a huge amount of time and effort into painting a…

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Homework Heroes - Spring 1 - Week 5

Homework Heroes - Spring 1 - Week 5

This week Class 4 were set the challenge of writing a story for BBC Radio 2's 500 word story competition.

The aim of the competition is to to get children excited about reading and writing and to put pen to paper to write a story in no more than 500…

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P.E - Dance

Don't believe me just watch! 

*Proud teacher moment*

I was bursting with pride this afternoon watching Class 3 perform their Bruno Mars dance routine. Every single class member worked their socks off learning the complex choreography - well done team and thank you to Laura from Castleford…

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Leo's Diary

Leo's Weekend Diary - Alexander

Wow, Leo has had a very busy weekend! He was fortunate enough to go home with Alexander this weekend and has had great fun playing the trumpet, riding on Alexander's skateboard, going swimming and even eating sweets and chocolate cake! Thank you for looking after…

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Homework Heroes

This weeks homework hero is Ava.

Ava made a wonderful powerpoint presentation about turtles. Lots of amazing facts!

Well done Ava!

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Pupil Blog - Magnetism

Weekly blog by Charlie and Liberty

In science this week our task was to make our own magnetic compasses.

We needed:

  • A bar magnet
  • A flat plastic lid
  •  A plastic bowl
  • Water
  • Compass template

We had to:

  1. Cut the compass template out and stick it on the plastic lid
  2. Half…
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Art and Design

We've finished! 

We are officially ancient Greek potters! The ancient Greeks are famous for their painted pottery, often known as 'vase painting'. The amazingly detailed and varied scenes they painted on their pottery have given us a great insight into their lives. 

Class 3 have worked hard…

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Too good not to share!

Jetez un coup d'œil au restaurant français de Tilly! Bonnes filles de travail!

(Take a look below at Tilly's wonderful french restaurant! Good work girls!) 

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Class 4 presents:  Livin' on a Prayer 


As promised, here is our amazing performance of this well known song!

Class 4 really are a talented bunch.

Can you spot the different instruments?

Sit back and enjoy the show!



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