Classifying Sweets  

Written by Alfie and Lewis


On Tuesday afternoon in Science, Class 4 were set the challenge of classifying different types of sweet (this means separating them using a branching key)

The sweets involved were: Rolos, Smarties, Haribo, Liquorice Allsorts and Fruit Pastilles.

We were required to ask certain questions about the sweets and then categorise them into either: 'Yes' if this was a true answer to the question or 'No' if it was false.

If the answer was 'Yes' then we didn't need to ask any more questions about that sweet as it had then been classified. If the answer was 'No' however, we needed to ask another question to classify it further, eg. Is it covered in chocolate?

Then, we made a key to classify all of the sweets. The best part was when we got to eat some of the sweets at the end of the lesson! Yum!