Magnet Strength 

Today, Class 3 pupils investigated the strength of different magnets. As a class, we brainstormed ideas as to how we would test strength and played around to see which methods would be realistic for us to carry out. We finally decided that we would test the strength of magnets through seeing how many paperclips each magnet was capable of picking up using it’s magnetic force and came to the conclusion, the more paperclips lifted, the stronger the magnet.

To begin, the children drew a picture of each of the different magnets they would be testing and labelled them. Then, we tested! Each child completed a table to record their results, we decided it would only be fair if we tested each magnet three times and found the average. (For the stronger magnets, it took us quite a while to count up all the paperclips – but we managed!)

Once we had carried out our investigation, we displayed our results in bar charts to show how many paperclips each magnet lifted and we concluded which magnet was therefore the strongest.  

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