Weekly blog by Caden and Chloe S

This week we have being learning about forces in Science. In groups we carried out an investigation to find out how much force is needed to move a toy car on different surfaces.

Prediction: it will take more force to move on a rough surface


  • A toy car
  • 3 rubber bands
  • cellotape
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • different surfaces

Method: attach an elastic band to the front of the car using tape, we then used a pencil to pull the band and measure how far it stretched before the car moved.

To make it a fair test, things we kept the same (Controlled variables)  

  • the car
  • the same elastic bands
  •  and where we measured from

Conclusion: We found out that it takes more force to move the car on rougher surfaces.

What we learned during the investigation:

Chloe – “I learnt that some surfaces required more force to be able to move the car.”

Caden- “I found that grass was the roughest surface that we tested”.


 Thank you so much to Chloe and Caden for taking part in Class 3’s blog, take a look next week when another two members of our class share their views on another part of our learning journey this term.

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