Year 5 English - Poetry

In Engish this week, the Year 5 pupils have been looking at senses poems and how to create interesting descriptions using all five senses. We ventured outside to gather our ideas and explore the outdoor area to examine what we could: see, touch, smell and hear. We…

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Setting Descriptions! 

In English today, Class 3 were given a cold task. The children were given a synopsis and asked to write a setting description of a place where the story could be set. Take a listen so some of our fabulous work below! - Remember to turn your volume up!



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English - Ice Palace

Ice Palace

This week in English we began to look at the book 'Ice Palace' by Robert Swindells. However, we have not read past the first sentence yet. We have been exploring the land we think the book may be based, creating our own setting descriptions and opening paragraphs. 

Have a look at…

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We are very proud of our superstars in Mrs Shaw's Phonics group.

They have been practising writing graphemes for Phase 2 as well as some high frequency words and rhyming CVC words.

Well done, and keep up the hard work!

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In class this week we are looking a poem called 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. We have been working hard to learn the poem as well as creating sounds and actions. Have a look later in the week how we get on, as we plan to film it! 


The Sound Collector by Roger…

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In English this half term we have been studying Ancient Greek mythology. This week, we have been writing all out Hercules.

After Hercules killed his wife and children, he went to the oracle at Delphi. He prayed to the god Apollo for guidance. Hercules was told to serve the king of…

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Written by Scarlett and Danielle

This week we have been reading the book 'The Wolves in the Wall'. We read to the part where the family had to leave their house because the wolves, who were living in the walls, escaped into the rest of the house. We were then…

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'The boy who flew too close to the sun'

Over the past few weeks, Class 3 have been learning all about Greek mythology. In particular, we have been focussing on the Greek myth 'Daedalus and Icarus - the boy who flew too close to the sun'. 

First, we created a story board by annotating our…

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This week we have started examining the picture book 'Tuesday'. The plot is rather complicated and extremely

mysterious as frogs, sitting on lilypads, begin their flight through the night sky!

As part of our unit on journalistic writing, we have begun to delve deeper into…

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Performance Poetry

Class 4 English lesson                           By Abigail and Isobel 

We have been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael  Morpurgo. Today, in our English lesson,  we listened to some sounds of the sea in a storm. Whilst we listened to this,  we wrote down how  Michael,…

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Pupil Blog - Daedalus and Icarus

Weekly Blog by Chloe D and Tommy-Lee!

This week in English we have being learning about Greek Mythology and identified some key characteristics of Ancient Greek Myths. These include:

  • Magical powers
  • Gods and goddesses
  • Often having unhappy endings and even deaths
  • They were originally…
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