In English this half term we have been studying Ancient Greek mythology. This week, we have been writing all out Hercules.

After Hercules killed his wife and children, he went to the oracle at Delphi. He prayed to the god Apollo for guidance. Hercules was told to serve the king of Mycenae, Eurystheus, for 12 years. During these 12 years, Hercules is sent to perform twelve difficult feats, called labours. On Monday, we used our imagination to create a new labour for Hercules to complete. We then wrote fantastic setting descriptions, describing in fine detail the treacherous terrains Hercules tad to tackle to complete his tasks. We are all very proud of our work - please take a look below to see some of our fantastic writing! 


Brave, courageous, strong Hercules set off on his deadly journey. During his tiring adventure, he came across a horrible, sticky, black bog that even the strongest of heroes couldn’t escape. Hercules used all of this strength to push through the dark, murky bog. When he got out of the horror of stickiness, Hercules had to run over a field of poisonous fungi. As he was running, Hercules saw a horrible, dark red blood river teaming with dead fish and rotting bodies. When he got over the deep red blood river he found the entrance to the dark, murky, black cave that sparkled like the devil’s gem.

In the horrible, abandoned cave, Hercules noticed that it was full of hideous and murderous monsters that wanted him dead. Suddenly, Hercules was attacked by the petrifying, bloody monsters. At once, Hercules sprinted out of the cave in haste and was never to be seen again.


Brave, aggressive, undefeated Hercules set off of his daring adventure, he caught a glimpse of an enchanted forest. Like a sea of green slime, trees created a tall, mossy stone wall that blocked his only way in. Ruthlessly, he smashed the wall down and before his very eyes je saw tress staring at him in anger. The wind stopped howling. Then, it warned Hercules not to step on bit further into the forest. But he did.

Suddenly, piercing rocks invaded the land and a three-headed dog approached his sight. Immediately, it started to chase his scratched, bloody, wounded body. In the distance, he could just spot a bright green tunnel that lit up when he looked at it, almost like it was calling out to him. Hercules could hear the three-headed dog growling at him from behind. He made the decision to rush straight for the tunnel in an attempt to escape.


Hercules set off on his journey. After a while, he came across the dark and gloomy underworld, which is as dark as the night sky. Rocks began to tumble down from the surface onto the damp, wet floor which was covered in creepy crawlies. The smell was unbearable, it smelt like rotten fish that had disintegrated into the ground. Freezing cold mountains, as cold as icebergs, surrounded him.  


During brave Hercules’ adventure he came across a dangerous, deadly sea that was as cold as ice and as deep as the underworld. Once he had made it across the frightening ocean, he had to climb up the gigantic, colossal mountain of death.