Our first week in Class One

Class One have had an amazing time adjusting to life at school. During our first few weeks, we created some class rules together and signed them with our name and fingerprint to show that we will all try to follow them. We also went on a listening walk around school to investigate what different…

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Class 1 & 2 - Sports Day

Sports Day

Today, we took part in The Rainbow Games! Class 1 and 2 took on four challenges, which were called Twister, Star Challenge, Jump my Height and Mighty Memory. The tasks tested how far we could jump, how much we could remember and our balancing skills. We found the tasks both exciting…

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Class 2 - PE


We have had our first PE lessons this week. We are doing gymnastics this term and we have been learning lots of new skills. We have been learning to do forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and bunny hops. We can’t wait to keep practising!  


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We have had an amazing week learning all about Brazil. We have researched where in the world Brazil is and found out all the countries that border Brazil.

We have looked at lots of famous landmarks in Rio such as Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana Beach, Christ the Redeemer and even…

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Class 4 Gymnastics

We had our first gymnastics lesson in P.E. last Friday and were challenged to show off our skills on a gymnastic course. We had fun whilst learning some new techniques. Take a look at the slightly blurred action shots!

Take a closer look at our photos in our 

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Sporty day in Class One

Class One

What a sport-centred day Class One have had!

In Collective Worship, we talked about how our Christian value of the term, Compassion, was being shown by our donations to Sports Relief.

We then started moving with an obstacle course in the hall. The children showed great jumping,…

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Creative Gymnastics


Class 4 enjoyed Gymnastics with a difference as they were tasked with working collaboratively to form different shapes and structures. When split into two groups and challenged to come up with a structure, one group chose to re-create 'The Great Wall of China' and the…

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Team Games

This week in P.E. Class 2 took part in a team games session. The children played games of 'Tag Rugby' and 'Cowboys and Indians.' Team games are a good way of building friendships as well as co-operation and teamwork skills. The children are learning to appreciate each…

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In P.E. this week, Class 2 played netball with the instructors from Castleford Tigers.

The session took place on the school field. The first part of the lesson involved passing drills, which allowed the children to learn specific techniques required for the game of netball. They then…

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P.E. Dance

Class 4 'Dance off'

During this half term, Class 4 have been working incredibily hard during their P.E. sessions to perfect a whole class dance. This has involved lots of concentration, listening skills, hard work, dedication and team work.

What do you think of our moves?

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P.E - Dance

Don't believe me just watch! 

*Proud teacher moment*

I was bursting with pride this afternoon watching Class 3 perform their Bruno Mars dance routine. Every single class member worked their socks off learning the complex choreography - well done team and thank you to Laura from Castleford…

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