Weekly blog by Emily and Poppy: What do seedlings need to grow well?

In Class 3, for the last three weeks we have been identifying and describing the different parts of plants: roots, stem, leaves and flowers.  We have also been exploring the requirements of plants for life and growth and what plants need to be healthy.

As part of our investigation we have been starving sunflower seedlings from all the different elements such as water, sunlight, warmth, air, soil and space. The 2 starved from light have already died and the one starved from air is not doing very well, the water ones are coping but are not growing very fast, compared to the plants that have everything.

Our favourite parts:

Poppy, “My favourite part of the experiment so far was watching the plants evolve each week and seeing the difference between each one. I also enjoyed re- potting them.”

Emily, “I enjoyed watching the plants grow and seeing what they are doing.”

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