Weekly Blog by Bethany and Millie L

This week we have been learning about what happened in the Easter story. The story begins when Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem. As he rode along people came out to see him.  They waved palm leaves and thanked God for Jesus. They wanted Jesus to be their new king. Most people were very happy that Jesus had come, but some were very jealous and they wanted to arrest and kill Jesus. Jesus and his twelve disciples had a feast called the passover. They had bread and wine the day before he was crucified. After the meal, Jesus and his friends walked to the garden of Gethsemane to pray. This is where Judas betrayed Jesus, he crept up to Jesus and kissed him on his cheek before telling his enemies where he was.

He was taken as a prisoner by Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor and was made to wear a crown of thorns, before being crucified until his death and taken to a tomb with a big boulder. Two days after Jesus died, three women visited the graveyard an angel visited and told that Jesus was alive. Jesus had been resurrected.




Easter Bunnies

We have also created some Easter bunnies by folding face cloths into the correct shape and adding eyes and poms poms. We are then going to add chocolate eggs to them and take them home as an easter treat.

Bethany: “I enjoyed listening to the Easter story and making the cute bunnies.”

Millie: “My favourite part was making the bunnies, I can’t wait to take it home and eat the chocolate.”