Pupil blog by Lavaya, Lizzy, Renita and Violet


This week in Maths we have used money. We looked at subtractions and how much change we would get when we bought some things from the shop. 'I really enjoyed Maths this week because it was really interesting,' said Violet. 'I thought it was really fascinating because I love doing adds and takeaways and now I know how to do it with money, ' added Lavaya. 


This week in art we looked at the artist Vincent Van Gough. 'He is an artist and his most famous picture is the sunflower,' said Violet. 'When he first started painting he liked to use colours that dark like brown, black and grey,' added Lavaya. 'He was born in the Netherlands but he moved to France,' said Lizzy. 'This is when he likes to use bright colours,' added Renita.