Weekly blog by Billy and Liam

This week in Maths we have being looking at measurement. We have been measuring things like our friends, their feet and objects in and out of the classroom. While doing this we have practised measuring accurately using rulers, tape measures and meter sticks.

We have also been converting measurements from metres to centre metres to millimetres to get the most accurate answer. Today we have been working in groups outside to measure some objects in the playground.

Our thoughts

Liam, “The longest thing I measured was the wall in the playground, it was 9m and 80cm long. The best part of Maths this week was going outside in the sunshine and measuring objects in the playground”

Billy, “The longest thing I measured was the guttering, it was 8.8m long, the smallest thing was the centre circle on the playground pitch, this was 33.3cm long. My favourite part of this week was measuring objects outside with my group.”


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