Magnetic Games!

On Tuesday afternoon Class 3 was a mess, and for a very good reason! The children were using their creativity and imagination to make wonderful magnetic games!

There were 3 different types of games the children made. 

1. Magnetic Fishing

To do this, they made a simple fishing rod with a pencil, some string and a magnet. Next, they designed a base for their game. For example, a pond or a princess castle. They designed, coloured and cut out imaginative characters for their game and attached a paper clip to the, to make them magnetic. The children then challenged each other to use the fishing rod to collect their characters; some were even given a time limit! 

2. Magnetic Tracks

Children designed a track, maze or a course on a large sheet of paper. They then cut out items or characters to go on their track. For example, racing cars, cops and robbers and even run away grannies! The characters were made magnetic by attaching a paperclip. (When we learnt about magnetic forces, we learnt that the force can work through solid materials - a key aspect of this game!) Children then challenged each other to use a magnet underneath the table to manoeuvre their character; some games were a race to the end while others had to chase each other around the track.

3. Repelling Poles

One group used their knowledge of repelling poles to create their game. (We have learnt that magnets have two poles, north and south, and that opposite poles attract and alike poles repel – push away from each other.) The boys made two fantastic origami boats, and placed magnets inside them. They created a game board and characters too. To play, the player had hold a magnet near the magnet in the boat with the two alike poles together, the magnets repelling each other therefore propelled the boat forward.

Have a look below to see how we all got on! 

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