Homework Heroes - Week 5 

It's our final week of this term, which means our final homework heroes of Spring 1! 

Our homework heroes are Oliver, Chloe S and Millie B - well done, you've all done a fabulous job this week!


put in a huge amount of time and effort into painting a beautiful Greek vase, he used his pottery design we completed in task to aid his painting. Impressively, Oliver used spray painting to cover his pottery before carefully decorating. Additionally, Oliver has been helping around the house this week, making his own breakfast every morning and did a marvellous job clearing up a paint disaster - good work Oliver!

Chloe S

impressed me this week with two beautifully presented, detailed homeworks. The first was a weekly diary of Chloe's chores. They included:

  • tidying her bedroom
  • making her bedtime milk
  • helping with the laundry
  • emptying the dishwasher
  • helping washing the car

The second, was a fantastic explanation of three different forces; magnetism, friction and gravity. Take a look below to learn more! 

Millie B

created a wonderful fact file about Appollo and presented lots of information about one of the forces we have looked at in Science, gravity. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your fact file, it was very interesting. I didn't know Atemis was his twin sister!