Animal Classification


  • are warm-blooded
  • have lungs and need air to breathe
  • have ears that stick out
  • mothers nurse their young with milk
  • give birth to live young
  • have fur or hair


  • have ear holes instead of ears
  • have feathers and wings
  • have webbed feet
  • are warm-blooded
  • have two legs
  • lay eggs


  • breathe underwater using gills
  • lay lots and lots of eggs
  • have scales and fins
  • live in water


  • usually lay eggs but sometimes give birth to live young
  • have ear holes instead of ears
  • mostly have 4 legs but some have none
  • are cold-blooded
  • have dry skin
  • have scales


  • breathe with lungs and gills
  • have moist, smooth skin
  • live on land and in water
  • are cold-blooded
  • lay may eggs


  • may have wings or an antennae
  • have exoskeletons
  • have 2 or 3 body parts
  • have 6 or 8 legs
  • are cold-blooded
  • lay eggs

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