Mirrors and Reflections

Today, in Science, we looked at reflections! Together we investigated reflective surfaces, how reflections work and the scientific processes involved by taking part in three different challenges: 

Mirror Writing-

In pairs, we wrote secret messages to one another by using a special code. This was done by writing our message first then copying how the message looked when reflected in the mirror, this at first looked like jumbled up letters and symbols but our partners had to decode them by using reflections again.

Mirror Maze- 

This task tested our skills in the mixed up world of reflections, in small groups we had to navigate a tricky mirror maze, by only looking at the reflection of the maze and our hands. Sounds easy, but it really wasn't! 

Mirror Multiplying- 

By sellotaping two mirrors together we created a hinge, we then explored how reflections work by placing objects within this.


Take a closer look at our photos in our photo gallery!