Homework Hero - Week 4

Bethany S

wowed us this week with her origami skills, making a dog, penguin, swan and even a jumping frog! - I think you may have to teach us all how to make that one! Bethany also designed a beautiful fact book on the life cycle of pollinating flowers, it was extremely factual and contain some lovely pictures inside! Additionally, Bethany designed an amazing Aladdin poster for our production next week, great choice of colours, its beautiful. 



went the extra mile this week and turned into a teacher, teaching the class how the life cycle of a pollination flower works. I have now decided Poppy can teach every Science lesson, as she was amazing! Great work Poppy, I also hope the writing comes off the window! Take a look below!

Evie D

created 3 wonderful homework pieces this week! The first, she wrote a superb news report on the recent fire at the Grenfell Tower block in London. Her second, Evie completed a 2D and 3D shape hunt around her house, locating lots of different objects and shape. She also, re-completed the favourite homework; create a timeline of your life. Fantastic work Evie, I am very proud of you!