We have joined the Roman army!

Today Class 3 have been working hard on their legion formations. The entire foundation of Roman infantry tactics was based on the idea that keeping troops in order would help them fight more effectively. 

The combat formation used by the Romans was called the phalanx, this involved soldiers standing side by side in ranks. Just before contact with the enemy, the soldiers moved in very close together so that each man's shield helped to protect the man on his left.

With only about three feet between the rows of soldiers, the Romans would move towards the enemy. The phalanx was a very difficult barrier to break through. If a man in the front was killed, he was replaced by the man behind. The shields would not only be used to protect the soldiers, but to push the enemy soldiers to the ground or to make them break ranks.

We still have a little more practicing to do before I think we'd qualify for the Roman army but we're getting there! Our next practice will be with our Roman shields!