The Romans

Today we started our new History topic, the Romans, by looking at the Roman Invasion! 

We began by re-enacting scenes from 55BC. The Romans (children in red) already ruled the country that we know today as France; they called it Gallia and were just across the English Channel.

The Roman General, Julius Caesar (Alexander), came across the sea to Britain. He wanted to make Britain a part of the Roman Empire and he brought with him two Roman legions. At this time, the Celts (children in white) were living in Britain. They fought back bravely and despite the Romans winning several battles they returned to France.

One year later, Julius Caesar came back across the sea. This time he brought with him 5 legions and 2,000 cavalrymen. The Roman army fought in South East England and this time got to the other side of the River Thames. The British tribes agreed to pay tributes to Rome and were left in peace. Caesar did not think Britain was worth a long war and he had other problems in the Empire to deal with. The Celts opened up trading links with the Romans.

43AD, nearly one hundred years later, the Romans returned. Emperor Claudius (Millie) was now in charge and he was determined to make Britain part of the Roman Empire. He sent General Aulus Plautius and four legions of soldiers, plus about the same number of auxiliary soldiers. They were split into 3 divisions.

Many Celtic tribes realised how strong this Roman army was and made deals to keep the peace. They agreed to obey Roman laws and pay taxes. In return they were allowed to keep their kingdoms.



Class 3 then split into groups to create a timeline of events. Our 7 key dates were:

800BC - When the Romans only occupied Rome.

237BC - The Romans took control of the whole of Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica.

133BC - They had taken over much of Spain, Greece and part of North Africa. They had established many large Roman cities in these places.

44BC - When the Romans conquered France and Germany, just across from England. 

79AD - After three attempts, the eventually penetrated into England and controlled most of the South, they had become a powerful empire. 

305AD - The height of the Roman Empire. This was the time the Romans had most power and controlled most countries in Europe. England was completely under Roman control but they never managed to take Scotland! 


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