Weekly blog by Bethany and Evie D

This week in science we started our new topic, keeping healthy. We were put into 6 groups of 4 and were given a client profile. Inside, was an information sheet about the client, their weekly food diary and also a list of questions the clients wanted us to answer.

Our task was to read and analyse their weekly food diary. We highlighted in green all the fruit and vegetables they’d eaten and in yellow all the foods that contained sugar. We were also given a chart of how many teaspoons of sugars are hidden in foods. We had to fill our two tables. One with how much fruit and vegetables the client had eaten, the second how many teaspoons on sugar they had consumed for each day of the week. Next we turned the data into bar charts.



Things that shocked us

Bethany – I was surprised to learn how many teaspoons of sugar there are in a chocolate muffin – there are 8!

Evie D – I was shocked orange juice is 1 of our 5 a day but also contains 3 teaspoons of sugar. Also had lemonade contains 9!

Our favourite parts

Bethany – The exciting part for me was seeing which client I was working on and seeing how much sugar her diet contained.

Evie D – I enjoyed looking at how much sugar is hidden in foods and reading about my client’s interests.