Art Week - Class 2

Alexander Calder

Last week was arts week in school. Class 2 looked at the life and works of Alexander Calder. We produced some artwork in the style of his work. We used primary colours and enjoyed experimenting with different shapes.



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Class 1 & 2 - Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year. We did lots of different activities, including a dragon dance, food tasting, Chinese number problems, making Chinese lanterns and designing dragon masks. We had a fantastic day and we learnt lots about Chinese culture.


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Class 2 - Animal Topic

Designing and Making a Safari

Today we designed our own animal safari park as part of our animal topic. We started by designing it on paper and then built it using various different resources, including wooden blocks, lego, stickle bricks and cardboard. We thought hard about how to make our…

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Class 2 - Art

Lion Artwork

Today we looked at various different books by Eric Carle. We looked at the way that he creates different animal collages. We focused on the book ‘1, 2, 3, Zoo’ and looked at the lion collage. We then created our own lion collages inspired by Eric Carle’s lion.



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Harvest Festival Preparation

Class 2 – Music


Today we did music. We learned a new song for Harvest Festival, called ‘Harvest Time’. We created some actions to go with the song. We are looking forward to celebrating the Harvest Festival next week.

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Billy’s Bucket

In English, we have been looking at the story of ‘Billy’s Bucket.’ We imagined that we were stuck in Billy’s bucket and needed rescuing. We wrote a message in a bottle to throw out of the bucket.

When Billy looked in his bucket, he went under the sea. We all saw different…

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Class 2 - Artwork


Today we looked at some famous paintings of boats on the sea. We then painted our own picture. We started by painting the sky. We then painted the sea in green. After the green sea had dried, we painted over the top in blue. Next, we used a lollypop stick to create waves.

The final…

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Class 2 - PE


We have had our first PE lessons this week. We are doing gymnastics this term and we have been learning lots of new skills. We have been learning to do forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and bunny hops. We can’t wait to keep practising!  


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Class 2 - Artwork

Art Afternoon

This afternoon we decided to do some artwork to make our class reading garden more inviting. We used finger painting to create some colourful butterflies and leaves. We had to make sure that the butterflies were symmetrical. We also made some collage flowers using card and tissue…

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Class 2 - Library Visit

Library Visit

Today we visited the school library. We looked around at the books and read some to a friend. Some of us even got to sit on the special beanbags! We chose ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl as our class book. We have enjoyed reading chapter one at home time. We can’t wait to read chapter…

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