Class 2 Shadows


Yesterday, whilst the sun was out, Class 2 took the opportunity to start a shadow investigation. We drew around Lizzy's shadow, with chalk, on the playground. We repeated the investigation each hour to see if Lizzy's shadow moved.

We made sure we carried out a fair test by ensuring Lizzy stood in the same position every time. To do this we drew around her feet so she knew here to stand each time.

We saw that Lizzy's shadow moved in a clockwise direction through the afternoon. 

Our investigation was a great starting point for finding out how shadows are formed. We had an amazing science lesson this morning as a result, discussing our findings and the reasons for our results. We have decided to repeat the investigation in the Summer term to see if our shadows are different depending on the Season. 

Here are some of the photographs we took yesterday. We hope you enjoy looking at them.

Lizzy's shadow.

Her shadow at 12:00pm.

Her shadow at 1:00pm.

Look her shadow disappeared as the sun went in. Good job we drew it on the playground in chalk!

Our final results at 2:00pm.