Can states of matter change from one to another?

This week we have been investigating whether gases, liquids and solids can change from one the other. Our investigations showed they can!


Evaporation is the process of turning a liquid into a gas, it happens all around us, without us really noticing.

  • washing hanging on the washing line
  • puddles disappearing 
  • hands drying under the hand dryer

Hanging out the washing!

To investigate the best place for evaporation to occur, we placed three pairs of soggy wet shorts out to dry.

  1. On a washing line, in the sun and wind, in the playground
  2. In the hall, where there is no wind or sun
  3. On the warm radiator

We found that the shorts on the radiator dried the quickest because heat speeds up the evaporation process. Wind also aids the process, so the shorts we hung out in the wind dried the second quickest.