Homework Hero - Week 4

Yet again, choosing homework heroes was a difficult job! Our heroes this week are Oliver, Caden, Millie L and Evie D!


went the extra mile this week and amazed us all! He created everything a Roman soldier could wish for heading into battle, including a full sized shield, body armour, a protective helmet, a spear and knife! Everyone in Class 3 was blown away with the time and effort put into your homework - it's truly a work of art! Well done Oliver!!



I was very impressed with Caden's creativity this week, transforming his laundry pile (an a £1 coin) into an amazing Roman soldier. What a fantastic idea, great work!! 

Millie L and Evie D

both attended homework club this week and created a fantastic large Art Attack on the school field. The girls worked well as team, gathering materials and carefully placing them to create a wonderful playground! Well done to all the girls involved!

Evie D

For Evie's second piece, she researched the functions of different plant parts and presented her work beautifully. 


Art Attack!

Poppy created a superb Art Attack in her back garden this week, can you tell what she has made?