Music Fun - written by Ted.

In Music this week we were very excited to play musical instruments which were made from plastic tubes - 'Boom Whackers'!

We were taught how to play these instruments correctly and how to maintain a steady beat.

Playing them was quite simple as we carefully needed to 'drop' them onto the floor. Keeping a rhythm was not so simple because once we had dropped it, we had to quickly catch it ready for the next beat!

There were three different colours of this instrument. Red, yellow and blue. The red instruments did not have any holes, the yellow ones had one hole at the top and the blue one had one hole at the bottom. These holes determined the pitch of the sound which helped us to play a 'tune'.

We were taught to play a different rhythm depending on the colour of instrument we had. Once we had reheased our group rhythms, we then put them all together as a class. It sounded effective but very loud!