Oliver's top ten interesting facts

Miss Brown treated Class 3 to two new books this week from the National Geographic Kids. The first '5,000 Awesome Facts (about everything' and the second, 'Why? 1,111 answers to everything'. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading both books this week, learning lots of new interesting facts. Here are Oliver's top ten facts:

  1. You can find yellow, green and red miniature bananas in Equator
  2. More Americans fish than play tennis or golf
  3. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is known as the big mango
  4. Human brains shrink with age, chimp brains do not
  5. Scientists can tell that the ice man mummy died when someone shot him in the back with an arrow
  6. King cobras grow up to 18.5 ft/ 5.7m long
  7. When the Philippines are at war it's flag is upside down
  8. A bath uses 75% more water than a 5 minute shower
  9. A hotel in Chili is designed to looks like a volcano, but instead of lava a waterfall erupts from the top
  10. Brain Island is located between the tip of South America and the tip of Antarctica