Eatwell Plates 

Today we have been looking at the 5 different food groups that make up the Government recommended Eatwell Plate;

  • carbohydrates
  • fruit and vegetables
  • proteins
  • dairy
  • sugars and fats

We have been learning about what each food group does for our bodies and what proportions we need of each to create a healthy, balanced diet. 

Carbohydrates give us energy.  They release their energy slowly so they keep us going a long time before we feel hungry again.

Fruit and Vegetables are packed with vitamins to keep our bodies working well and to help fight off colds and other illnesses. They are also full of fibre.

Protein is an essential part of our diet as it is necessary for our bodies to grow and to repair themselves after an injury. 

Dairy rich in a mineral called calcium which will give you strong bones and teeth.

Sugars and Fats are a high energy food. Fats should only be eaten in small quantities, as too much can lead to weight gain, heart disease and other health problems.

Once we had learnt all about the different food groups, our task was to work in pairs to create a healthy, balanced meal on a paper plate. See how we got on below, can you work out what were in our dishes?

Take a closer look at our photos in our photo gallery