Rocks and Soils

In Science this term we have been looking at 'Rocks and Soils'.

We have turned into geologists and paleontologists to find out more!


  • have explored a variety of rocks and grouped them in different ways according to their observable features and attributes 

  • have investigated the properties of different rocks with fair testing. We looked at permeability, hardness and conducted an acid test for the presence of calcium carbonate. 

  • went on a rock walk in the local vicinity to identify different rocks for different purposes and recorded our findings.

  • have learnt about how fossils are made over millions of year 

A living animal.

Now extinct  - belemnite lived in the sea during the Jurassic period 150 – 200 million years ago).

The animal dies and its body sinks to the sea floor.

Other animals and bacteria feast upon its body.

Only the bones of the animal are left behind.

Mud and other minerals wash over the skeleton (e.g. during a storm or waves) and build up a layer over the bones.

Over hundreds, thousands and millions of years more and more layers of sediment build up burying the skeleton deeper.

The layers eventually form sedimentary rocks.

The resistant minerals from the skeleton, such as clacite, are left behind in the rocks showing a ‘print’ of the living thing. 


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