Meeting Minutes – Aberford C of E Primary School     P.T.A.

Location:        Arabian Horse

Date:              Thursday 23rd February 2017

Time:             7pm


Dee Andrews, Craig Andrews, Nicola Walshaw, Gary Walshaw, Caroline Calder, Ann Sadler, Martin Sadler, Mark Darley, Laura Slater, Louise Hofert, Janine Swales, Nichola Smith, Rochelle Bodey.

Apologies: - Philippa Boulding, Kat Knox-Renshaw, Jenny Eastwood, Becky Blackmore, Sarah Darley, Simon Johnson.

Agenda Items

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting.
  2. Easter event. 
  3. Summer Gala.
  4. A.O.B.

Action Items

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting:-
  • All school calendar payments from the advertisers have been successfully collected.
  • Easyfundraising ( – cause: Aberford Primary PTA – Leeds) – a total of £350 has been raised since the launch of the competition last October.
  • Current available funds in the P.T.A. account stands at £6,888.44
  • Miss Bouldings ‘wish list’ complete with quotes was handed round to ask for opinions on how some of the money raised should be spent.  It was agreed that perhaps we should obtain further quotes, distribute a questionnaire to all parents to ask for opinions then make a decision from there.



  1.  Easter event:-
  • The event is booked for Sunday 16th April at the Arabian Horse (time to be advised).
  • Dee asked Louise Hofert (who organized last year’s event) what kind of activities took place as we want to do something different this year.  Louise mentioned the Easter egg hunt, family quiz, ‘guess the name of the bunny’, sweet stall etc.
  • Ann Sadler suggested hardboiled egg rolling.
  • Tickets - £2 per child was suggested for the egg hunt.
  • Laura Slater offered to organize ‘guess how many eggs are in the jar’.
  • A bouncy castle is also an option.
  • Nichola Smith suggested perhaps we could charge stallholders to come to the event.
  • Louise, Laura and Becky Blackmore have offered to run a stall or help out at the event.
  • Nichola has offered to do face painting and will ask her friend if she could help out also.
  • Steph and Catherine (of the Arabian Horse) are to organize a BBQ instead of doing Sunday lunch on the day.


  1. Summer Gala:-
  • The event is booked for Saturday 1st July at the Village Hall (time to be advised).
  • Idea’s for stalls discussed were:-

Chocolate tombola, lucky jars, hide the bottle, splat the rat, photo booth, sweet stall, tea tent, brick-a-brack raffle, plant stall, hook a duck, face painting, tattoos and hairspray. 

  • Dee suggested having a hog roast, all agreed. Martin Sadler/Mark Darley said they knew of someone who could possible organize it for us to serve ourselves and will obtain a quote.
  • Caroline Calder suggested that perhaps we could ask a ‘fish and chip’ van to be present instead of doing a BBQ. 
  • Martin was asked if he would kindly organize the float for the Gala Queen.
  • Hot dogs were suggested for the children and a vegetarian option also.
  • Nicola mentioned that maybe we could book a live band to perform at the event.  Laura said she would ask her contacts.
  • Nichola mentioned that she used to be a member of Boston Spa high school band and perhaps to approach them.
  • Dee mentioned she would quite like to organize an auction.  Laura suggested a silent auction. Possible prize suggestions include:-

a voucher for La Bella Vita (garforth), Aagrah (Garforth), Thorpe Park Spa, Wood Hall Spa (Ann will approach to ask for a voucher), Hazelwood Castle, Diggerland (Mark Darley will approach and ask for a family ticket), Hairdressing voucher (Nichola to contact), Nestle (Craig Andrews to approach and ask for a ticket for a tour), Bear Grylls was mentioned (as he has connections to the village) by Dee as she has a contact who may be able to ask for a piece of signed memorabilia, Nichola said she would approach her contact to ask if we could have some signed memorabilia from Leeds United.

  • D.J. Craig has been booked for the event.
  • A bouncy castle has been booked.
  • Dee suggested that we purchase some gazebos.  Nichola suggested a ‘pop up tent’ gazebo as they are easier to put up/take down. Martin suggested we use Gala tent as they are really well made and will withstand wear and tear.  Martin also mentioned he had a ‘spider dome’ gazebo that was used at the Arabian Horse for the music festival.


  1.  A.O.B.:-
  • An adult’s only event was mentioned and the possibility of a MacMillan charity race day at York races to be organized for Saturday 17th June 2017.  Martin mentioned that Kully Morris organized one previously which he said was really good and she also organized Champagne for the coach on the way to the event.
  • Martin/Laura suggested that we make tickets available to purchase from the Arabian Horse and therefore not just limit it to school parents/friends.
  • Dee mentioned that she has been approached by parents asking for the P.T.A. to organize a New Year’s Eve event for adults and children which got a positive response from the group.  Dee said that D.J. Craig has kindly offered to provide the entertainment.  Martin suggested we order Pizza Picante takeaway.  Dee suggested everyone to bring their own food to the event.  Louise suggested asking a mobile food van to visit rather than doing food.  Nichola mentioned we should do a theme, Dee suggested a ‘black tie’ event.  Martin suggested a competition for ‘best dressed’.
  • Leaver’s hoodies – Mark suggested to ask Charlotte Brooker to price them up.  Laura will also ask her neighbour for a quote.
  • The mural to commemorate the school Centenary was mentioned and Laura offered to contact a Pottery company she knows of in Pontefract to possibly quote.  A wooden plaque was suggested instead of a mural.  Martin suggested organizing an old school reunion to celebrate the Centenary.
  • Mark/Martin suggested a ‘horse racing’ night (adults only event) to be held at the Village Hall and could possibly ask a contact to help organize.
  • Nichola has offered to organize a ‘face painting’ workshop to teach a team of 6 people on the basics of ‘face painting’ to be able to primarily provide a rotation of ‘face painters’ at the events when needed. Volunteers for the workshop currently are: - Dee, Nicola, Louise and Janine.  More volunteers are required please.


Meeting adjourned






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