Our aim is to create and maintain a happy, positive, learning environment for all.

  • We adopt a positive approach to the management of pupils’ behaviour in that we actively encourage good behaviour and nurture the children’s self esteem.
  • We recognise that good behaviour is a necessary condition for effective teaching, learning and for fostering good relationships.
  • Sometimes some children do not always find it easy to conduct themselves well at all times. We have clear procedures in our Behaviour Policy to deal with such situations and regularly involve parents in helping children to get back on track.
  • We encourage and actively promote mutual respect and consideration for others and have high expectations of everyone.
  • Setting our expectations high means that our children are exceptionally well behaved and safe when out on school visits.

Class and School Rewards

Each class creates their own rules with the children at the beginning of the year so that the children feel fully involved and each class operates their own rewards systems in discussion with the children.                  

As a school, we operate “house points”. Every child across the school belongs to a “house”. Children earn house points for good work, walking around school smartly, acts of kindness, good manners etc. Certificates are awarded for achieving 50, 100, 150 and 200 housepoints.

We also have Celebration Worship where we celebrate achievements and acknowledge excellent learning behaviours.

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