Why do we set home learning?

  1. To check that pupils have understood class work.
  2. To consolidate and practise skills, especially basic skills.
  3. To prepare or extend work covered in school.
  4. To provide opportunities for pupils to work independently.

How can you help your child and support the school?

  • We value parents’ support in seeing that home learning in completed and done to the best of your child’s ability.
  • All children are different: some like to relax for a while when they get home; some need to eat; some like to get their task out of the way straight away. You can arrange a suitable time to suit you and your child/children.
  • Allow time for children to pursue other interests and hobbies.
  • Speak to the class teacher if your child is finding anything particularly difficult.

Learning Challenges

At Aberford we have ‘Learning Challenges’. This way of working allows for busy families to fit homework in around a number of out of school commitments, but also encourages the children to organise their time effectively in order to get the most out of every learning opportunity.

At the start of each term, the children are set a number of challenges. Some of these challenges are compulsory and have pre-determined hand in dates. The rest of the challenges are optional. As the children complete the challenges they collect points. They are then able to celebrate when they have reached a milestone of points by collecting items for their school pencilcase.

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