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This section is for families due to start in Reception in September 2020.

We will be updating this section of the website regularly so keep checking back!

It has been lovely to meet so many of you last week. As discussed, please return the forms to the office this week if possible. 

New Starters Information

Here are some quick answers to some frequently asked questions:


When will be able to meet the new class teachers and visit school?

In a normal year, we would have invited parents and carers and their children into school for a meeting where we would have introduced ourselves and the school. The children would have had the chance to visit the classroom whilst the adults completed the forms. We would also have had a further opportunity for the children to come and visit in the classroom and stay for the morning. These obviously can't happen this year. As things stand at the moment, we are just having the door step meetings we had on Thursday 25th June. We will be in touch if anything changes. If you want to get in touch, please email us at l.jennings@aberfordceprimary.org.uk.


What will school be like in September?

At this stage, we have no way of knowing exactly what September will bring. As soon as there is guidance from the Government, we will, of course, let you know. In a normal year, we would have planned to visit your child at their nursery and at home before they start with us, with all children then starting full time on the same day. This year we will just have to wait to see what the situation is like nearer the time, and what the official guidance is. If all is well and everyone is allowed to start, the children will be starting school on Tuesday 8th September.


How can I support my child to be ready for school? Should I be teaching my child to read and write already?

Your children are all unique so will all be at different stages and that is absolutely fine. "Keeping your child’s happiness as the priority (over ‘school readiness’) is vital if we are to raise resilient and confident individuals who truly feel they have the necessary resources to navigate their way in their ever-changing world" (Mine Conkbayir, expert in early childhood education and neuroscience).

There are, however, a few things you could work on over the summer to ensure they are as ready as they can be to start school in September. It will be important that your child is able to go to the toilet independently, as well as wash their hands. If children can be as independent as possible in getting dressed and tidying away their toys that will also help. Talking and reading with your child is invaluable at this time. This is a good document which also shows the steps to school readiness

There is no expectation that your child can write their own name when they start Reception. If your child can recognise their own name that is a good start, and if they are starting to write, please encourage them to use a capital letter for the first letter and then lower case letters (ie. not all in capitals - Martha not MARTHA). Here are some useful Factsheets on what you can be doing with your children: Make a Mark, Happy Talk, Listen and Learn, and Numbers Game.


Where will I drop off my child? Where will I pick them up?

The Reception door is directly opposite where you will come through the school gate. Your child will come straight into the classroom in the morning. When you pick them up, they will also be coming out of the same door. We will see you and call their name to come to you.


What if my child is crying when they come in?

We're used to it! Especially due to the current situation, it may be that your child has not been left with other adults for a long period of time. We will have to see what the guidance is nearer the time, but normally at the beginning of the year, we will ask that you come into class with the child and we will then try to distract them when you say bye and go back onto the playground. We promise you they will be fine. We do understand how upsetting it can be, but we will try and call you as soon as we are able to let you know how they're doing.


What does my child need to bring to school?

We will be giving out more information on the School Uniform and PE kit when we see you. Please ensure it is all clearly named. In addition to that:

- A named water bottle (please just water, no squash or juice)

- A named book bag or another bag. We won't start sending home books straight away, but it is good practice for them to bring a bag every day. We will put letters home in there, as well as any learning they want to take home.

- A named pair of wellies to keep in school would be useful, but not compulsory.

- Please ensure your child doesn't bring any toys from home. These invariably get lost or damaged at school.

- Spare pants and socks - this is in case of accidents or any overzealous play in the water or mud!


What happens if my child has a toileting accident?

Again, this is something we are used to! We will ensure we deal with it as quickly as possible, in line with our Intimate Care Policy. We have a small selection of spare clothes in school. We ask that you then wash and return the clothes as soon as possible.


How will I found out how my child is doing?

Early in the term, we will be asking you to all set up a Tapestry account linked to your child. Through this, we will upload pictures and notes about your child so you can see how they're getting on. We will be using Tapestry as an assessment tool, but it is also a great way of you seeing your child in their school environment. You can also upload pictures and notes about what your child has been getting up to at home - this is a great way of sharing exciting news or updates and children love sharing the pictures with their friends at school.

We will keep adding more answers to questions when they arise and will be sharing more pictures and videos on here too. Until then, do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Lucy Jennings and Lynda Shaw (Class 1 Teachers)

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